About Us

Two Fat Indians was started in the year 2000 right here in Christchurch on Manchester Street. We proudly served authentic Indian cuisine matched with cold pints of beer and ended up creating an array of raving fans for “two fats.” Our scrumptious Indian feasts were enjoyed by people from all over Aotearoa. The party carried on for 11 memorable years till February 2011 earthquake stuck.

Like lots of beloved Canterburians, Two Fat Indians took a massive hit. We lost access to our site and the business was shut. Our fans did not stop sending us mails, messages and phone calls asking us to reopen.

In the meantime, Ronnie Bhogal went to Food Design Institute and got a degree in Culinary Arts and updated his knowledge on food trends and ways of creating memorable dining experiences.

Ronnie and Adipa’s story began 30 years ago when they landed in Dunedin. That is when Adipa embarked on her journey at the prestigious School of Pharmacy, Otago to complete her Phd, and Dunedin became a special place for them. Now, they are thrilled to be back, bringing the essence of their successful Christchurch restaurant that was launched in the year 2000, to the heart of Dunners.

Two Fat Indians is not any ordinary restaurant; we bring you the perfect blend of fantastic drinks, creative cocktails, and exquisitely crafted meals. Whether you are looking for a relaxed and intimate meal for 2 or a memorable celebration for 100, our place is designed to cater to all your needs. Not only that, we also have convenient takeaway and delivery services, bringing our culinary delight straight to your doorstep.

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