Established in the year 2000 and still standing strong in the heart of Aotearoa and expanding its wings throughout the south Island. A team of local experienced hospitality experts have taken it upon them to bring the best out of Indian cuisines at the kiwi land. The menu is designed to expose most of the famous parts of Indian local delicacies and showcase some of the amazing food served all over the country. it's a pleasure to bring those out on the plate to serve all our beloved customers and Two Fat fans. Rest assured that the same best food and service will be available every time you visit us. So hope to see you soon at any of our establishments.

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Two Fat Indians is all about leading from the front and bringing out the best of Indian food. We take pride in offering challenging cuisines like Keto, vegan, Indian high tea, gluten-free, dairy free, halal options, and there is always something for all kinds of customers who will find something to eat from our menu.

  1. We don't use colour on our food. So your tongue will retain it's original colour.
  2. We grind our own spices in the kitchen to get the most out of whole Indian spices. This brings out extra aroma and flavors.
  3. We only make your order after you have selected and that is the reason we can customize everything you order on request.
  4. We only use extra long grain basmati rice on all meals and special rice for our biryani to hold the shape on your plate. This ensures that the rice is intact and goes well with any curry without falling apart.
  5. We do medium to large size catering for different types of events. We can host parties on our premises and also deliver food to any nearby venue or locations.

So please feel free to come and check us out and get in touch to see how we can help you. Our food and services will always remain similar to home cooked food, and that is why we are successful in what we do.


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